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broodmare and foal in pasture

Feeding the Lean Lactating Mare at Weaning

The period just after weaning offers a great time to recalibrate body condition and prepare a lactating mare for the upcoming challenge of another pregnancy and lactation.

KER Research

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yearling sales

How Important Are Size and Body Condition for Thoroughbred Sale Yearlings?

Buyers look at various factors--pedigree, conformation, and racing performance of siblings--when considering the purchase of a Thoroughbred yearling. This study was conducted to find out the influence of body size and condition score on sale price.


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pistachio tree is horse pasture

Pistachio Trees Blamed for Horse Deaths

When eaten, wilted leaves and seeds of certain pistachio trees are toxic to horses, according to researchers.

General Interest

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horses drinking from water tank

Horsekeeping Tips: Keep Waterers Clean for Horse Health

Horses drink significant quantities of water. If water is too dirty, unpalatable, or foul-smelling, horses will not drink it, leading to dehydration and other health concerns, including colic.