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Oak tree acorns

Check Horse Pastures for Poison Plants

If pasture is overgrazed or forage is in poor condition because of drought, some horses will sample weeds or tree leaves they normally wouldn’t touch.

KER Research

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body condition in show horses

How Does Body Type Relate to Insulin Level in Performance Horses and Ponies?

This study was conducted to quantify whether body condition was related to resting insulin, glucose, and triglycerides.


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Horse's spine skeleton

A Closer Look at the Equine Spine

Similar to many other animals, the horse has a spine that is made up of a number of vertebrae, individual bones that fit together in a way that allows the back to flex both vertically and horizontally.

General Interest

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polo player

Polo Exhibition Scheduled at World Equestrian Games

On September 6, a team made up of four professional polo players from the French National Team will face off against a rival team consisting of four top international players during the the World Equestrian Games (WEG).